Chiropody Treatment (40 mins)

Callus debridement. Nail cut and file or thickness reduction
Assessment of footwear. Vascular and neurological assessment if indicated.
Pre and post operative skin sterilisation. Instruments sterilised in accordance with current guidelines. Advice on care of skin and nails and appropriate footwear.
Full disclosure of medical history required in all cases, including details of all medication


Podicure (1 hr 15 mins)

Full chiropody treatment followed by a luxurious foot treat with relaxing foot spa, exfoliation, foot massage with moisturising foot creme and polish application


Cracked Heel Treatment

A targeted heel treatment. Fissures are debrided and a medical grade adhesive used to knit the skin together to allow healing


Verruca Treatments

Range of treatments available including salicylic acid, trichloracetic acid, cryotherapy, silver nitrate


Specialist Verruca Treatments

Dry Needle Verruca Treatment

Under injected local anaesthesia including dressing and after care


Hyfrecator Verruca Treatment

Under injected local anaesthesia including dressing and after care


Biomechanical Assessment (1 hr)

Detailed examination of gait and foot function to identify potential causative factors of pain and discomfort in foot, knee, hip or lumbar spine leading to advice on appropriate footwear, prescription of an inshoe orthotic or referral to an appropriate source of help



Individual needs and costs will be fully discussed with each patient as required. Off the shelf and bespoke devices available

Prices range from £30.00 to £190.00

Nail Surgery

Permanent treatment for problematic recurring painful nail conditions such as ingrowing toenails. Treatment are strictly subject to disclosure of full medical history. Post operative surveillance and dressing regimen included.


Sports / Remedial Massage

Focal treatments for problematic areas of pain and tension. This treatment is intended to be therapeutic and therefore is not a relaxing massage.


Injection therapies – Joints and soft tissue


This innovative injection treatment designed to stimulate tissue healing, particularly in damaged ligaments, was developed by Dr George Hacket in the 1950’s. It uses basic local anaesthetic and glucose


Synovial joint viscosupplementation

Uses hyaluronic acid, the substance safely used in millions of aethetic dermal filler injections annually. It can address the pain and dysfuction of mild to moderate osteoarthritis


Mesotherapy injections

The term ‘mesotherapy’ was coined by the French Physician Joseph Pistor in the 1950’s to describe superficial injections of bioactive substances into the mid-dermis and was recognised by the French Academy of Medicine in 1987. It utilises low-dose natural and homeopathic medicines for injection as well as local anaesthetics


Chiropody treatment home visits