Beauty And Nails

Self tanning treatment

No streaks, no patches, just an even,
natural looking tan. Hand applied

Total body (1 hour) Hand applied,
includes exfoliation.                 £32.00
Legs only                                       £16.00
Half Body                                      £16.00

Facial Treatments

Mini-facial – all skin types                                      £22.00
Mini-facial with steam and extraction
(1 hour – Ideal prior to going on holiday)        £26.00

Aromaplasty Facial

Aromaplasty is a 100% natural multi-active decongesting care treatment adapted to all skin types. It leaves the epidermis looking soft, radiant and velvety-smooth. This facial commences with a back diagnostic massage

(1 hour)  £35.00

Integral Facial

This facial commencing with a back diagnostic massage offers all the advantages of a double-action mask and restores the balance and compensates for everything the skin may be lacking

(1 hour 30 mins)  £40.00

Specific Care Facial

This facial commences with a back diagnostic massage and provides the ultimate answer to even the most demanding skins. For oily and combination skins, dry skins, sensitive skins and mature skins.

(1 hour 30 mins) £30.00

Non-surgical Face Lift

The facial plumps out fine lines and wrinkles by supplying electo-stimulation signals to area that require treatment

(1 hour 30 mins) £30.00

Body Treatments

Purifying/Detoxifying Back Treatment

This is a facial for the back. It incorporates
a full exfoliation, back massage, regulating
mask and skin regulating serum
(45 minutes)                    £27.00
Full body exfoliation   £22.00

Hot Stone Massage

This massage involves the use of hot stones to give a deeply relaxing massage

Full body                                         £40.00
Back, neck and shoulders     £27.00

Sports Massage

A deep massage which helps to break down scar tissue, remove toxins and relax aching muscles              £30.00

Aroma Back Relief

A luxury back massage which commences with exfoliation of the back, a relaxing massage using Aromessense Relax Balm and finishing with hot towels and the application of Circulagel, a special ciculation treatment  £29.00

Mother-to-be program

This luxurious treatment is recommended during pregnancy after the third month, which the skins elasticity is vital to help avoid slackening and stretch marks. Treatments will be performed on specific areas such as the stomach, hips, thighs and breasts (1 hour 15 mins) £40.00


Permanent hair removal. Sterex disposable needles used.

10 minutes  £12.00
20 minutes  £15.00
30 minutes  £17.00

Tansun Symphony

1800 watt fast sun bed
3 minutes      £1.50
80 minutes  £25.00
Accelerating cream/oils available to purchase

Nail Extensions

Strengthening wraps, minor mends or a full set of natural looking nails. The answer to bitten or problem nails

Natural Tips                       £3.80  Per Nail   £38.00  Full Set  £22.00 Infills
French Tips                       £4.00   Per Nail   £40.00 Full Set  £24.00 Infills
Sculptured Tips              £4.00  Per Nail   £40.00 Full Set   £24.00 Infills
Natural nail overlay       £3.80  Per Nail    £38.00 Full Set   £24.00 Infills

1 nail repair free with an infill – additional nails will be charged at £2.00 per nail
Polish is included in the above prices
Removal of tips and a new set of nails add £5.00 to relevant price above

Buff ’n’ Tidy (includes 1 nail repair)  £20.00
Full set removal & manicure               £20.00
Nail Art e.g. stripes, dots, gems        £5.00
Shellac on acrylics                                   £5.00

Natural Nails

Repolish                                                                       £7.00
French Polish                                                            £9.00
File & Polish                                                               £10.00
French Manicure                                                     £12.00
O.P.I. Prescription Manicure
(Exfoliation & hand mask included
in this deeply moisturising manicure)          £20.00

Creative Spa Manicure – The ‘ultimate’ in manicures
It’s the facial your hands and nails have been
waiting for                                                                  £25.00

Shellac                                                                          £22.00
Minx                                                                               £24.00
Soak off and Shellac nails                                  £24.00
Rockstar nails                                                          £24.00
Soak off and Rockstar nails                              £26.00

Foot Care

Pedi-special – This pedicure will bring your feet
back to peak condition using the O.P.I Pedicure
System                                                                       £23.00

O.P.I. Pedicure Deluxe – Using 6 products rich in
marine AHA’s, hydrating sea extracts, mineral rich
seaweed, beach sand, dead sea salts, oils and
soothing botanicals. Heated boots for the ultimate
relaxation treatment                                           £28.00

Maie Grooming

Give the main in your life a pamper with this package

Back massage, Indian head massage or reflexology
(2 hours 30 mins)                                                 £42.00
Mini manicure                                                        £12.50

Beauty Packages

Wedding Day Package
Mini facial, French manicure & pedicure
Eyelash tint and brow shape – 2 hours max      £65.00
or full set of nail extensions instead of
a manicure (4hours)                                                      £80.00
Pampering half day package
Back massage or Indian head massage, facial (Mini facial)
Toe and finger nail paint – 2 & 1/2 hours max        £50.00

Holiday Package

Half leg wax, underarm wax, bikini wax, eyebrow wax
eyelash tint (1 hour 30 mins)                                        £45.00

50% deposit required for all beauty packages

Body Massage

To improve the circulation, relax muscle
tissues and improve skin texture

Full body Swedish massage                  £32.00
Back and neck Swedish massage     £22.00
Legs only Swedish massage                £15.00


Using a personalised blend of
essential oils. Full body                            £37.00

Hopi Ear Candling

Discover pure wellness
Hopi Ear candling is a pleasant and non-invasive
treatment of the ears. It is soothing and helpful
for earache and headache, ear noise, stress,
nervousness and sinus problems.
The treatment is followed by a relaxing facial
massage focusing on pressure points of the face   £30.00


The ancient art of specialised pressure massage
to the feet. It restores harmony within the body
by stimulating the body’s own healing mechanisms
to work faster                                       £26.00

Indian Head Massage

An intensive massage for the head, neck,
face and shoulders. This balances the body both
mentally and physically                £23.00

Eye Treatments

Eyebrow shape                                     £7.50
Eyebrow tint                                          £6.00
Eyelash tint                                            £9.50
Eyelash/brow tint                               £13.50
Eyelash/brow tint & shape            £18.50
Eyelash perming                                £23.00
Perm/tint test necessary 24 hours
prior to treatment – takes 5 minutes

Nic is now qualified in LVL lashes by nouveau!
LVL stands for length, volume, lift. Creates an illusion of longer, thicker lashes on your own natural lashes (no false lashes are involved)
LVL also includes a tint to darken lashes so mascara isn’t always necessary!
LVL Lashes                      £36
Conditioning serum £19.99

A patch test is required before treatment

Ear Piercing

Caflon Health Authority approved system
Choice of earrings are available    £15.00

Men’s Waxing

Back            £20.00
Chest all    £20.00


3/4 leg and bikini wax       £26.00
Full leg & bikini wax            £29.00
Full leg wax                             £21.00
3/4 leg wax                             £18.00
Half leg and bikini wax      £24.00
Half leg wax                           £16.00
Standard bikini wax           £12.00
More daring                           £17.00
Brazillian/Hollywood         £22.00
Underarm wax                      £9.00
Lip and chin wax                  £10.00
Upper lip or chin wax        £8.00
Eyebrow Wax                        £8.00
Navel                                         £8.00
Half arm                                  £10.00

Body Wraps

Lose inches instantly

90 minute treatment                 £35.00
Course of 3 treatments            £85.00


Make-up application                £30.00
Make-up lesson                          £30.00
Bridal make-up includes trial
and on the day                             £80.00