August News & Offers At Utopia

Nic’s Offers for August:

Choose any two of the following treatments for £30!
*1/2leg wax
*Eye lash tint, eye brow tint, eye brow wax package
*Back massage
Also 20% off hot wax (see below)

To book an appointment please contact Nic either on her Facebook page here:

Or by calling her direct on 07837 860194

Nic is now offering a new method of waxing! ‘Hot wax’ on underarms, nasal and bikini area!
It’s not scary like it might sound there are lots of benefits!
-hairs don’t need to be as long to get waxed
-hairs shouldn’t grow back as quick
-the wax ‘grips’ to the hair not ‘sticks’ to the skin (prevents skin damage)
-less painful
-not sticky afterwards
-less ingrowing hairs

Throughout August Nic will be offering 20% off hot waxing. Prices are:
Underarms £11
Nasal £8
Standard bikini £15
More daring bikini £20
Brazilian/Hollywood £25
* warm wax is still available

July News & Offers At Utopia

Nic’s Offers for July:

Shellac –  £15
20% off bikini wax
1/2leg wax –  £10

To book an appointment please contact Nic either on her Facebook page here:

Or by calling her direct on 07837 860194

PLEASE NOTE that Nic is away for few days between Wednesday 18th July and Tuesday 24th July. If your going away or would like an app around that time please book asap. Thank you.

Some exciting news for some of you, Nic is now booked onto the hot wax coarse at the end of July! Great for bikini/Hollywood waxes!

Finally this month our Beauty price list has been updated and some new treatments have been added.

Beauty Price List June 2018 whole




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We are required to retain medical records for a minimum time of 7 years after the last full year since treatment. (Timescales vary due to circumstances such as age at first treatment and mental health capacity.)

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May Offers With Nic At Utopia

This months offers with Nic:

Choose any two of the following treatments for £30!


Back massage

1/2 leg wax

Eye lash tint, eye brow tint, eye brow wax package


To book an appointment please contact Nic either on her Facebook page here:

Or by calling her direct on 07837 860194

Physiotherapy At Utopia

Kevin Liney is a qualified physiotherapist with over 30 years experience. He provides ‘hands on’ physiotherapy treatment for all muscular and skeletal conditions. Kevin is registered with the Health Care Professions Council.


Initial Visit – Consultation & treatment


Standard treatment visit


Each session lasts approximately 40 minutes

Payment by cash or cheque only.  Full receipts provided for health-care scheme claims

HPC Registered

Kevin can be contacted to make an appointment directly on his mobile phone 07535 212059‬.

Nic’s March Offers & Mother’s Day Offers


Mother’s Day offer until 11th March!

Choose any two of the following treatments for £30!

Back Massage

Mini Facial


Elt, Ebt, Ebw package

Bikini/Brazilian/Hollywood wax

P.S.  Don’t forget vouchers are also available



Nic’s offers for March 2018:

1/2 Leg Wax            £10

Bikini Wax               20% Off

Back Massage      £15

To book an appointment please contact Nic either on her Facebook page here:

Or by calling her direct on 07837 860194