Corona Virus (COVID-19) Update

To all of our clients at Utopia Podiatry & Facial Aesthetics Clinic. 

Our clinic is always clean, hygienic and our instruments sterilised due to the nature of our work. 

We are being even more meticulous and our business continues and is open as usual, we look forward to seeing you soon.

Utopia News September 2019

From Memuna Clinical Hypnotherapy

Using hypnotherapy for anxiety and stress is effective because hypnosis creates a deep state of relaxation. In all anxiety conditions, there is one common factor – getting a stress response in situations where it is not necessary. It’s this stress response that is responsible for creating the physical symptoms we experience in our body.

Get in touch with me to find out how I can help you manage your anxiety symptoms and triggers so that you can feel in control again.

Quite a lot of us experience food cravings on a regular basis, and chocolate is one of the main culprits. 

Eating chocolate stimulates the brain’s reward centres, triggering the release of ‘feel-good’ chemicals like serotonin and dopamine and in the same way as addictive substances like alcohol, and nicotine. The more you eat and more often you have it, the more your brain drives you to seek it out. 

Perhaps you only resort to chocolate binges when you’re feeling down, or maybe you already secretly know that you’re addicted to chocolate and regularly go on binges. Either way, hypnosis can help you to melt away those cravings.

20% off Drop a Dress Size by Christmas

Expires on 30 Nov 2019

Hypnosis for weight loss: ✓

Successfully reprograms your subconscious to combat food cravings ✓

Free consultation, no commitment ✓

Get the shape and size that you’ve always desired ✓

Unique and proven system frees you from calorie counting ✓

See results within 4 to 10 sessions

Contact Memuna on Facebook on
07708 130832 or at her own website

From Jane Gill (Nails By Jane At Utopia)

Contact Jane via Facebook

From Mark Pawson Sports Therapy

September Special Offer! 

Bring your race number from any race you have done in September (and there has been plenty to choose from) and receive a massive 20% off the cost of your treatment!

Mark Pawson Sports Therapy can help you get over your injuries by assessing your individual needs or if you just fancy a deep tissue massage get in touch!

Wanting to try a sports massage but worried it hurts? Don’t worry! We use different techniques to target problem areas. After warming the muscles we then apply specific techniques to target problem areas. 

Give it a go and get booked in!

Contact Mark via Facebook or on 07870 273251

Spotlight on IPL

In this update we shine the spotlight on IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and Tattoo removal here at Utopia Clinic.

Our services and prices can be seen here on the website

These include:

L-Brite Laser Tattoo Removal

IPL Laser Hair Removal Treatments

IPL Skin Treatments

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Acne Treatment (IPL)

For further details and to make a booking, please contact the clinic on 0113 2574455 or visit us on our Facebook page